Saturday, June 1, 2013

Art Project Reaches Kids and Cancer Patients

Student Artist Presents Artwork to her Partner 
My colleague's art project concluded yesterday. What an amazing way to engage art students in a creative process that had meaning and reached beyond them to a world that needs as much light and goodness as it can get. Check out the article that a student wrote for our school paper, The Bolt, about the process, "Artists Paint a Picture of Cancer" by Cassandra Ratzlaf. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect was seeing the patients pick out which piece they thought had been created for them. The joy in their faces radiated.

 To summarize, our upper school art teacher, Paula Kozak, used her personal experiences battling cancer to reach out to others to educate, enlighten, and inspire. Students were invited to interview patients receiving chemotherapy about their experiences fighting the disease. Students then returned to the art studio to work for the next few weeks to create a piece that represented the experience. Those pieces were then presented the chemotherapy center to hang for a permanent installation. Each of the patients were given card prints of their image along with a short write-up about what inspired each image. Several journalists beside our own ODA Bolt reporter have covered the story. One article came out on the day of the presentation in one of our local papers, The Observer. That article, "Creative Healing" by Josh Siegel is linked here. Beautiful project!

Other Write-Ups about the Project
Sarasota Herald-Tribune's article by Jessi Smith "Teacher's Cancer Inspires Artwork"

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