Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Flowers at Baker's Fort

Reactions to News of My Trip to Uganda

My Husband
Me: I won a trip to Uganda!
Husband: You don't even have life insurance. 

Two Doctor Friends
Get shots. Bring antibiotics. Do you have antibiotics?

Admissions Director at my school to prospective parent
Camela is one of our teachers. She works at the Upper Campus. She's going to Uganda with a group called Invisible Children.
Yes, it's one of the programs we support with our students here.

Woman in Health Food Store
First weeps. Then tells me I have Margaret Mead to thank for the privilege I am about to enjoy. I think about the NPR interview I just heard with Sally Ride's biographer who says how Ride truly believed that she was the beneficiary of many years of the women's right movement.

I think: am I like Sally Ride? In my little world, ever expanding with awareness, I feel like yes, I kind of am like Sally Ride. Thanks, Margaret Mead. Thanks, health food store clerk.

TSA Security
"Where you headed?"
Yes. Uganda.
Wow. That's surprising. I guess not surprising to you though. You've been saving for this trip for years, right?
I smile.
It was a gift.
What? You are a gift?
No, the trip was a gift. I am traveling with a group of peace activists who invited me to come along.

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